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FE3H: Midnight Snow is a 16+ discord-based, semi-literate roleplay inspired by the tactical roleplaying game, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, featuring original characters and lore. The general setting and plot of Midnight Snow parallels those in FE3H, but names, lore, and events have been changed to better suit a roleplay with multiple characters. 

Midnight Snow revolves around the students at The Officer’s Academy, located at the Monastery at Mount Celestia. The most elite training school in all of Lanmer, the Academy is split into three houses: the Topaz Wolves, representing the Holy Kingdom of Ruvia; the Azure Dragons, representing the Kingdom of Dongxuan; and the Midnight Ravens, representing the Hasnaran Empire. 

FE3H: Midnight Snow welcomes roleplayers of all skill levels. Join fellow Fire Emblem fans and roleplayers as you begin your journey as a student at Mount Celestia. No application is needed to join—simply join the discord server, where more information will be provided to aid you in creating your character and posting your first responses. 

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