A gust of wind blows across the land, rustling over the trees like a whisper of things to come. In the distance, the silhouette of a mountain looms behind a cloud of mist—the wind howls, and the clouds part. Crowned in a halo of snow, the mountain cuts into the horizon, reaching toward the heavens like the hand of man itself. Searching, endlessly toward the light, for what it cannot have.
In the Imperial year 1180, three houses from three nations join at the Monastery at Mount Celestia—the looming base of the Church of Vella, situated snugly in the heart of Lanmer. The Officer’s Academy, run by the Church, is Lanmer’s most elite training school. As a new spring dawns, the Officer’s Academy becomes the temporary home to a new class of the best and brightest of Lanmer’s three countries: The Holy Kingdom of Ruvia, The Kingdom of Dongxuan, and the Hasnaran Empire.

But a darkness lurks in the north of Lanmer, where magic runs stagnant and the cost of life has bled the lands barren. Without the blessings of the Goddess, there is no mercy to be found. There is no mercy in the cold that springs from the absence of light; there is no mercy in the ice that trickles like tears down the face of Lanmer. There is no mercy in winter—but winter always comes. 

Academy Phase Edit

As a sea of clouds gather over the summit of Mount Celestia, three houses from three nations join at the prestigious Officer’s Academy at the mountain’s Monastery, where they begin their training to become the best fighters, warriors, mages, and knights in all of Lanmer. The air around them is still cold with the remnants of winter, but heavy with anticipation; an undercurrent of ecstatic tension pervades the atmosphere as the new class of students gather for the first time in the monastery’s entrance hall. Great things are coming, the students say to each other in whispers, and it is with great hopes that their journey at the Academy begins.

Part 1: White Clouds Edit

  • Prologue: Dawn of a New Spring
  • Chapter 1: A Cloudless Sky
  • Chapter 2: Three Houses
  • Chapter 3: The Scarlet Serpent
  • Chapter 4: A Forgotten Past
  • Chapter 5: The Glow on the Water
  • Chapter 6: Where the Mist Blows
  • Chapter 7: Into the Fog
  • Chapter 8: Battle of the Wolf and Raven
  • Chapter 9: A Silent Voice
  • Chapter 10: Garden of Black and Red

War Phase Edit

Part 2: Midnight Snow Edit

Coming soon.

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